Basic set of rod buoy without HOLDCARP case

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Fishing rod marker designed to accurately marks the fishing spot. It is made in a natural black color, which ensures a perfect fusion with the aquatic environment. The range also includes a 0.5m light section with light and a twilight sensor. The 0.5 m light part with light and sensor automatically lights up in the evening after dark and switches off at dawn. This achieves maximum battery savings. Of course, this light part also contains 2 pieces of reflective strips. The light is powered by 2 x AAA batteries. The luminous 0.5 m part is of course also 100% waterproof in its entire length. The construction of the buoy is also designed for extreme conditions, such as overgrown water, water with obstacles, fallen branches ... The rod buoy is made of solid plastic material and the individual threads are metal and cold pressed into the buoy. The buoy is slightly flexible, there is no risk of cracking of individual parts when handling the assembled buoy. In the test with a applied load of 24 kg, the buoy showed no signs of damage or disturbance. The HOLDCARP 6m buoy consists of 1m parts, a holder with an articulated attachment to the HOLDCARP weight, 1 x 0.5m part, an upper 0.5m light part with automatic sensor light and 2 pieces of reflective tapes and HOLDCARP weights 1kg / 2kg. When using this buoy, there is no risk of the line getting stuck on the body of the buoy, all edges are perfectly smooth. The buoy will lower when passing the fish, thus freeing up the path of the line. Optional accessories: transport waterproof case, light with dimming sensor, separate 1m parts, HOLDCARP weight (1 kg, 2.5 kg) with articulated attachment.

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