DIGITAL Smart Cradle
DIGITAL Smart Cradle
DIGITAL Smart Cradle
DIGITAL Smart Cradle
DIGITAL Smart Cradle
DIGITAL Smart Cradle

DIGITAL Smart Cradle

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Hot news from the HOLDCARP company - DIGITAL Smart Cradle, which combines a digital scale and a cradle together. Now it is no longer necessary to use the tripod, digital scale and cradle separately. A characteristic feature of the DIGITAL Smart Digital Cradle is the waterproof touch LCD display with a display diagonal of 3.5 inches, which shows the exact weight of the catch. The outdoor temperature, pressure (hPa), altitude, and battery status indicator are displayed on the top of the LCD. The weight of the fish is displayed in the middle of the LCD to 3 decimal places. Smart Cradle is designed for outdoor use. The construction of the tray is made of steel material, which ensures a long life of the product. The construction is provided with a quality waterproof surface treatment. The legs of the tray are equipped with six separate telescopic feet, with the help of which it is possible to level the tray as much as possible in the field. Large heels are used to prevent sinking into the terrain. The inner textile part is made of soft material, which ensures perfect protection of the catch. In the lower part of the tray, thick-walled nets are intended for the outflow of excess water. The tray has overlapping parts to prevent the catch from jumping out of the tray. The LCD display is waterproof and has a handle with which it can be placed on the tray. The connection between the tray and the LCD panel is solved by waterproof connectors, which connect exclusively the right connector from the LCD panel to the right connector from the tray and the left connector from the LCD panel to the left connector from the tray.

At the bottom are the touch buttons: TARE - MENU - PAUSE - PLAY - KG - LB.

Pressing the TARE key starts the process of resetting the weighing sensors. This process takes 7 seconds. During the process, the button is colored white. The button has the highest priority and is active even during the PAUSE state. When you leave the fish in the tray and at the same time press the TARE button, the display will show a negative value - ie a negative weight.

 By pressing the MENU button, Smart Cradle starts the option to adjust the brightness level of the display. The default brightness level is 70%. To save concrete, it is recommended to set the brightness level as low as possible. The brightness setting of the display is controlled by means of a touch bar, where it is possible to change the brightness level of the display when scrolling with it. This function is suitable for night use, when creating a photo, it is necessary to set the appropriate level of brightness of the display to prevent blurring of the created photo due to the high brightness of the captured display. Conversely, during the day it is advisable to set a higher brightness of the display. The maximum brightness level is 780 cd / m2, which represents reaching a level where the display is considered sunlight-readable, ie readable under sunlight. Setting the brightness to a lower level also saves significant battery power.

Press the PAUSE button to stop the weight measurement. The measurement usually stops automatically under normal weather conditions, which allows you to take a photo of the hunter along with the catch, so the weight will remain displayed even after lifting the catch from the cradle. The button is used to stop the weight measurement in case it is impossible to use the programmed automatic stop function. This function always compares two consecutive catch weight measurements. If the condition of a predefined amount of deviation between these two measurements is met, the function of automatic stop of the measurement is activated. The PAUSE button has the highest priority.

Press the PLAY button to resume the weight measurement. This button has the highest priority.

Pressing the KG and LB buttons will change the unit of the displayed catch weight. The button is INACTIVE while the catch weight measurement is stopped.

After pressing the display in the middle part (displayed numerical weight data), it switches to the weight display mode without displaying other data such as temperature, pressure, altitude, battery status indicator and bottom panel with buttons. Pressing the center of the display again returns the mode to the original display. The mode is also active while the weight measurement of the catch is stopped.

The automatic stop of the weight measurement is activated after the condition of small deviations between the individual measurement intervals is met. The microcontroller evaluates the measured weight values and then compares two consecutive values. If the difference between these two values falls below a predefined level, the measurement will stop automatically until the user presses the PLAY button. The function serves to eliminate the measurement error, which would be caused by the physical pressing of the button on the display, as the display is firmly attached to the active / weighing surface of the digital balance.


• Precise battery status indicator with 5-level display

• zero weight

• Adjust the brightness level of the display

• interrupt / resume - a button that allows you to take a picture of the catch along with the weight of the fish displayed on the LCD screen

• Switching the weight display in KG or LB

• outdoor temperature display

• pressure display

• Altitude display

• power supply: 12V battery with a capacity of min. 7Ah, which will ensure operation for min. 48 hours of continuous operation or using standardized ALKALINE batteries: 6F22 (lithium battery 1200mAh), 6LR61, 6LF22


•Cradle 120x60x30-45cm with built

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